Programming odds and ends — InfiniBand, RDMA, and low-latency networking for now.

s3fuse 0.14 released

Over the weekend I posted version 0.14 of s3fuse. Highlights from the change log:

NEW: Multipart (resumable) uploads for Google Cloud Storage.
With this most recent release, Google Cloud Storage support is on par with S3 support. Multipart/resumable uploads and downloads work reliably, and performance is similar. Many thanks to Eric J. at Google for all the help improving GCS support in 0.14.

NEW: Support for FV/S.
With the help of Hiroyuki K. at IIJ, s3fuse now supports IIJ’s FV/S cloud storage service.

NEW: Set file content type by examining extension.
s3fuse will now set the HTTP Content-Type header according to the file extension using the system MIME map.

NEW: Set Cache-Control header with extended attribute.
If a Cache-Control header is returned for an object, it will be available in the s3fuse_cache_control extended attribute. Setting the extended attribute (with, say, setfattr) will update the Cache-Control header for the object.

NEW: Allow creation of “special” files (FIFOs, devices, etc.).
mkfifo and mknod now work in s3fuse-mounted buckets, with semantics similar to NFS-mounted filesystems (in particular: FIFOs do not form IPC channels between hosts).

Various POSIX compliance fixes.
From the README:

s3fuse is mostly POSIX compliant, except that:

  • Last-access time (atime) is not recorded.
  • Hard links are not supported.

Some notes on testing:

All tests should pass, except:

  chown/00.t: 141, 145, 149, 153
    [FUSE doesn't call chown when uid == -1 and gid == -1]

  mkdir/00.t: 30
  mkfifo/00.t: 30
  open/00.t: 30
    [atime is not recorded]

  rename/00.t: 7-9, 11, 13-14, 27-29, 31, 33-34
  unlink/00.t: 15-17, 20-22, 51-53
    [hard links are not supported]

As with 0.13, Ubuntu packages are at the s3fuse PPA.


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